Don’t cut corners when it comes to home renovation

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So, you’re thinking of renovating your home, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Let the experts at Harco Plumbing and Mechanical in Cambridge help you take the proper steps to making any home reno, big or small, a rousing success.

Planning is an essential component of any renovation plan. Before you contact anyone or think about buying supplies, write down what you want and try to sketch it if possible — it will make showing or explaining easier when the time comes.

Next, speaking to other homeowners about their personal experiences is a great help, getting feedback about what and who to avoid, and helpful ideas you may not have considered. Budget is always an important consideration. If you don’t have enough money to get what you really want, consider holding off until you do to avoid disappointment down the road.

Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, pick out what you want for fixtures and cabinets, taking careful measurements to make sure everything fits properly. Contact a reliable contractor, remembering to always ask for insurance and valid certificates

The experts at Harco Plumbing and Mechanical can help with any plumbing needs required during a home or commercial renovation, ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Harco Plumbing and Mechanical offers a full range of personalized and professional residential and commercial plumbing services in Waterloo Region. Offering free estimates, 24/7 emergency service and fully licensed and insured plumbers, Harco’s friendly customer service is guaranteed to please. Services include boilers, plumbing repairs, new installs and retrofits, sump pumps, in-floor heating, high pressure drain flushing and more.

When it comes to plumbing, it doesn’t pay to leave the work to anyone but the experts.

For more information, contact Harco Plumbing and Mechanical at 100 Sheldon Drive, Unit 15 in Cambridge. Reach them by phone at 519-880-0105, by email at, or visit them online at

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