What is video inspection and drain locating?

Drain Video Inspection

In addition to providing the Guelph community with reliable and affordable plumbing repair services, Harco Plumbing and Mechanical also offers video inspection and drain locating. Video drain inspection can be an effective tool to quickly and accurately assess and diagnose specific drain and pipeline problems.

Using modern video equipment, a video drain inspection drops a camera down the pipe to inspect the interior for blockages or other problems such as broken, damaged, or collapsed pipes. This cost effective service allows the plumber to have a complete understanding of what is happening inside the pipe, and come up with the best solution to fix the problem. The camera is also a great tool for finding the exact location of a drain that is hidden underground. This information, along with knowing exactly how far under the surface the drain lies, can save both time and money when digging into grass and concrete.

Only licenced and professional plumbers like the experienced team at Harco Plumbing and Mechanical have the expertise to diagnose internal pipe problems that are not visible without the use of these effective tools. Other services at Harco Plumbing and Mechanical include boiler, sump and sewer pump installation and maintenance, water softener and water treatment, catch basin cleaning, and high pressure drain flushing. Harco Plumbing and Mechanical also installs in floor heating and radiant floor heating. Contact Harco today for a no obligation, free estimate.

Harco Plumbing and Mechanical is your neighbourhood plumbing solution provider located at 69 Fleming Road in Guelph. For more information on any of the affordable services from these plumbing professionals, visit the website or call your local Harco Plumbing and Mechanical at 519-265-6423. Don’t forget to ask about their discount for seniors.

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