Radiant floor heating: Which type should I get?

Radiant Floor Heating

At Harco Plumbing & Mechanical in Guelph, we know how beneficial radiant floor heating can be.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), it doesn’t dispense allergens around your home like a forced air heating system can, and takes duct heating losses out of the equation.

But which kind of radiant floor heating system is best for your home? To help answer this question, we’re pleased to provide the following breakdown of the three types of radiant heated floors (courtesy of DOE).

Air-heated radiant floors

Homeowners rarely install air-heated radiant floors because they aren’t cost-effective (air cannot sustain considerable amounts of heat). However, they can be installed with solar air heating systems, but the heat generation is hindered since heat can only be produced during daytime hours.

Electric radiant floors

Since electricity costs are typically high, electric radiant floors, which comprise of electric cables installed in the floor, are only economical if they incorporate a large thermal mass, such as a thick concrete floor, and your electric utility provider offers time-of-use rates. With time-of-use rates, you can “charge” your concrete floor with heat during off-peak hours (9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.).

If the thermal mass of the concrete floor is big enough, the stored heat will keep your home warm for eight to 10 hours without the need for additional heat generation.

Hydronic radiant floors

Homeowners prefer hydronic (liquid) radiant floors since they are the most cost-effective for heating-dominated climates. This radiant floor heating system works by pumping heated water from a boiler through tubing laid in a pattern underneath your floor.

Some hydronic systems manage room temperature by utilizing pumps, zoning valves, or thermostats to regulate the hot water flow through each tubing loop. Though they are economical, the cost of installation depends of a number of factors, such as location, house size, and labour.

At Harco, we specialize in radiant floor heating and other heating and plumbing services, including boiler installations, plumbing repairs, and catch basin cleaning.

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