The top DIY plumbing disasters

Top DIY Plumbing Disasters

Harco Plumbing and Mechanical is Guelph’s first choice for plumbing services. From large commercial customers to simple residential repairs, no job is too big or small for the licenced professionals at Harco Plumbing. According to the pros, many emergency repairs are the result of an ambitious homeowner trying to fix a problem themselves without the background or knowledge that comes with years of experience.

The most common do it yourself plumbing disasters usually happen from the wrong type of pipes being used to repair a leak, which can cause corrosion and an eventual burst pipe. Forgetting to turn off the water stopcock before starting a plumbing repair is another costly mistake, and using makeshift tools instead of the proper equipment rounds out the list for the top reasons professional plumbers are frequently called in to fix other people’s mistakes.

Seemingly simple miscalculations can also have a large impact on the outcome of a DIY plumbing project. Connecting different types of metal in plumbing pipes without using a special tool that separates them, or over tightening plumbing components are also plumbing no-nos. Professional plumbers are trained to prevent leaks, breaks and corrosion when working on pipes and know how to make sure the end result is a quality job that is up to code. Save time and money by making sure that every plumbing job done in your home is done right the first time. Contact Harco Plumbing and Mechanical today for a no obligation free estimate.

Harco Plumbing and Mechanical is your neighbourhood plumbing solution provider located in Guelph. For more information on any of the affordable services from these plumbing professionals, visit the website or call your local Harco Plumbing and Mechanical at 519-265-6423. Don’t forget to ask about their discount for seniors.

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